Academic Games

Academic Games – 7

The seventh grade academic games class is a concentration of reading skills and the application of these skills to solve problems in a cooperative learning atmosphere.  The 45day course uses a variety of games and technology to keep students engaged in a fun atmosphere.  Skills students focus on comprehension, literacy, fact vs. opinion, and fiction vs. nonfiction to name just a few.  Students also act out characterizations and make predictions to create new endings to readings.


Academic Games – 8

The eighth grade academic games class concentrates on math skills.  Students use acquired skills to complete tasks in a cooperative learning atmosphere using hands-on activities and technology.  Activities center on graphing, probability, coordinate planes, and algebraic concepts.  Examples of activities students may been engaged in are formula twister, probability put-put, silent card shuffle,trading cards, and math dominoes to name just a few.  Students are encouraged to have fun as they work through daily problems that involve math.