Music & Fine Arts


The band students receive individual lessons and collective practice throughout the year. The practice culminates in two yearly productions that display student progress. The band works in conjunction with the high school band to ensure a smooth transition and maintain a seamless curriculum.


Students that participate in the seventh and eighth grade chorus study various artists and their styles and incorporate them into their performances. As with band and orchestra, there are individual, as well as, collective practices that culminate in two yearly performances.



In seventh grade, Music Appreciation is based on a forty five day cycle that exposes students to various musical artists and their impact on modern society. Students are given the opportunity to study several cultures and the music that bonds their societies. The importance of music as both a leisure activity and cultural recognition are emphasized throughout this course.

In eighth grade, Music Appreciation students are instructed in various forms of instrumental play, including keyboarding and drums.



The students receive lessons in violin, viola, cello, and bass throughout the course of the year. The individual and collective practice culminates in two yearly productions that display student progress.