In order to meet upcoming state standards in science and technology, staff members have rewritten the science curriculum to offer a wider range of topics to both the seventh and eighth grade students. 

The Integrated Science classes at the seventh grade level include an introduction to Biology, Geology, and global Ecology.  In Biology, students learn about the basics of all living organisms from the cell and its parts to the six kingdoms of living things.  In Geology students are introduced to the composition of the earth and its atmosphere.  In Ecology, students are shown how living things respond and survive in the environment.

The Integrated Science classes in eighth grade include an introduction to Astronomy, Physical Science, and Pennsylvania Ecology. In Astronomy student will learn about the stars, planets, and other heavenly bodies and how they relate to humans on Earth. In Physical Science students learn the basic concepts of chemistry,forms of energy, and other properties of physics. Lastly, in PA Ecology, the concentration falls on the ecological relationships of the flora and fauna of Pennsylvania.

Incoming seventh graders will have a total of six different science concentrations over the course of their two year stay at Founders' Hall.  Our unique curriculum will give students one of the most well rounded, integrated science education in the Mon Valley Area.