Physical Education and Health


one semester

1/2 credit

5 periods/week

Wellness and fitness is a coursethat deals with personal and community health, fitness and safety. The course isdivided into "wellness and fitness." In wellness, students will studynutrition, dietary disorders, and mental and social well being. Also, safety,disease prevention, and the effects of substance abuse are studied. This courseis required for graduation.



one semester

5 periods/week

Team Sports: Basketball, FlagFootball, Floor Hockey, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball

This program is designed forstudents who have some knowledge and limited skills in team sports. The studentis instructed in the basic skills for each activity. The student receives anintroduction to rules and playing strategy for each game. Students willparticipate in a game situation. Sportsmanship and safety will be stressed. Thevalue of recreational play and wellness will be reinforced.

Individual Program: Aerobics,Fitness Running, Weight Training

This program is designed to promotewellness and fitness through weight training and cardiovascular programs.Individual programs are utilized for weight training and cardiovascularworkouts. Fitness tests are given periodically to assess individual fitnesslevels. Students are introduced to weight training techniques and weight roomsafety. Students learn to develop cardiovascular fitness through varied aerobicworkouts and running activities.



one semester

5 periods/week

Note: If a student takes summer PEand does not test out, he or she must schedule Swimming.

Swimming: Basic strokes, watersafety, simple rescue techniques.

Swimming is no longer a requiredsubject, but knowing how to swim is required for graduation. Students take aswimming assessment in 9th grade gym class only, and those not passing arerequired to sign up for swimming in order to learn. All 9th grade students musttake the swimming assessment. If a student does not have a physical educationclass or he or she has participated in summer gym, it is his or herresponsibility to arrange a time with one of the swimming teachers to completehis or her swimming assessment. The swimming assessment is only availableduring a student's freshman year. No upperclassman may test out of swimming atany other time. Students are able to select swimming as an elective during the10th, 11th, and 12th grade year, even if they have taken it before. The swimcourse satisfies one physical education requirement.



Any MASD junior or senior studentinvolved in a junior varsity or varsity sport or activity may earn one half(1/2) credit per year toward graduation in Physical Education by contracting inan approved school sponsored physical activity during their junior and/orsenior year. This course is designed for the junior or senior who meets thestated criteria and wishes to pursue additional elective credits, or because ofa heavy academic load, cannot schedule a physical education class into theirschedule. The contracted physical education class cannot be used to schedule astudy hall.

Students must have completed one andone half (1-1/2) credits in Health and Physical Education by their junior yearto qualify. A contracted physical education class cannot substitute for aswimming class.


1.           The student may qualify for the contracted physical education only if theschool sponsored activity falls into one of the categories agreed upon by MASDpersonnel and the school board.

2.           The contracted physical education activity must be noted with an anticipatedstarting and ending date.

3.           The student must adhere to the contract for the entire length of the activity(season) noted. Contract will be adjusted only for injuries sustained duringthe activity or other medical conditions documented by a licensed physician.

4.           The contract must be signed by the following personnel prior to scheduling:

              a.            AHealth/Physical Education teacher familiar with the student

              b.            Coachand/or certified outside instructor of the contracted activity

              c.            Parent/guardian of student

              d.            Guidancecounselor of student

              e.            PhysicalEducation department head

              f.            Building principal

              g.            Student

Students will be responsible to providethe department head with the following documented proof of their participationin contracted activity at the conclusion of the season:

              •            Personal fitness log of activities completed during each session

              •            Record of participation in activity that includes day and time duration

              •            Benefits of participation in activity documented in a 2 page, double spacedreflection essay due upon completion of a minimum of 60 hours of contractedactivity or at the end of the season

              •            Certification of completion of contract or season equal to a minimum of 60hours of physical activity

              •             Inlieu of a reflection essay, students may produce a 30-45 minute video tape ofstudent participating in activities related to the contract or demonstration ofskill competencies to the department head and one additional physical educationinstructor. Demonstration of skill or distribution of tape can only occur after60 hours of contracted activity has been met.

              •             Coachand/or outside instructor must verify the hours and skill competencies whenstudent submits personal logs at the end of the season.

Student is responsible to schedule 4appointments with a physical education teacher to act as a checkpoint and forfinal evaluation of the contracted activity. Student is to present fitness logand record of participation to the physical education instructor afterattaining 20, 40, and 60 hours. The final appointment is to be made with thephysical education department head upon completion of the season. The physicaleducation department head is to sign agreement on student's personal log andrate the student as satisfactory or unsatisfactory following the final meeting.Student's grade of Pass or Fail will be made at the end of season of thecontracted activity and will be based on successful completion of allrequirements of the physical education contract and information provided to thedepartment head.

If any student involved in acontracted activity quits or is asked to leave the activity, the contract forphysical education is null and void and the student will need to schedule aregular gym class during the course of the day.

Students may elect for contractedphysical education if they are involved in the following activities at thevarsity or junior varsity level.

  • Football 
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Track
  • Wrestling
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Dance Team
  • Swim Team
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Marching Band*
  • Color Guard
  • Cross Country
*  Students involved in marching band mustcontract for a minimum of 100 hours in their activity log to receive credit anda grade for both marching band and physical education. If the time requirementfalls below the 100 hour minimum, the student receives a grade and credit foronly one of the activities.