Yough-a-mon Yearbook

Advisor:Lyndsey Brown

Curt's Photography is the officialphotographer for McKeesport Area School District. To access, purchase, and viewyearbook photos for this year, please go the Curt's Photography Web siteby following this link:

For seniors who did not go to Curt'sPhotography or have their photographs taken at school, please contact Curt'sPhotography at (412) 672-1044 to set up an appointment.

Students and parents will need to createan account to purchase their photos. The photos are sorted by grade. For thosefamilies that do not have Internet access at home, the computer lab at the highschool will be open on parent-teacher night to access the site.

Upload your own photographs to beused in this year's yearbook!

Go to Usethe login ID: tigers12