Skills USA

Advisor:Monica Kitta

PTSAs actually provide youth memberswith the opportunity to make a difference by developing leadership skills,learning about the legislative process, increasing their self-esteem, andcontributing to the school. In turn, adult members gain a new perspective forprogram development, as well as acquire a better understanding of the youth oftoday.

Skills USA is a national organizationdedicated to the professional development of technical students. Studentsattending McKeesport Area High School enrolled in a technical program in grades10 through 12 may join.


The benefits of membership include:

• A chance to learn and practiceemployability skills

• Opportunities for more than $1million in scholarships

• Competition in the Skills USAChampionships

• Contacts and networking that leadto employment


Some activities planned for thisschool term include:

• Fall Leadership Conference

• Bowling Tournament

• Regional Competition

• Seven Springs Snow Tubing Trip

• Kennywood Career Days