Joining PTA gives you an opportunityto invest in your child's future. You're the kind of parent who would doanything for your child. And so would we. We're the PTA, and we support bettereducation, more resources, and safer schools for every child.

When you join PTA, you join millionsof others who care about issues that affect kids. Membership is open to anyoneconcerned with the education, health, and welfare of children and youth.

If you or someone you know wouldlike to become a member of the High School PTSA, you can pick up a form in theMain Office of the High School or phone the Membership Chairperson at (412)664-3650.

The McKeesport Area High School Parent TeacherStudent Association, more commonly called PTSA, provides services not only tothe school, but to the parents of the students as well. We provide informationabout inter-school functions to the public, such as workshops for parents, providingservices to students, and giving parents a chance to have a say in what happensin their child's school. Every year the PTSA gives senior students, who aremembers of the PTSA, an opportunity to win scholarships.