Heritage Club

Advisor:Robin Tyke

Thepurpose of the Heritage Club is to recognize and appreciate the numerousnationalities and heritages among the students, faculty, staff, andadministration of McKeesport Area High School. This organization strives tohelp promote awareness of celebrations of different cultures within thecommunity through presentation of speakers, the arts, and events.

Thisclub aims to educate participants with the cooperation of numerous resourcesthroughout the region.

Thegoal is to provide students with the opportunities and skills to criticallyassess topics such as diversity, multiculturalism, and discrimination. Byexamining various cultures, the participants will acquire an appreciation fordifferences in the school, community, and the world.

By celebrating the beautyof diversity, the aim is to unite all shapes, sizes, ages, colors, abilities,and minds together to grow and work together.