Future Nurse's Club

Advisor:Toni Stolic

The Future Nurses' Club is a serviceoriented club for students seeking careers in the field of health care. Theclub is open to all students in grades 9 through 12 and focuses on providingstudents with exposure to activities that involve health related service. Thegoal of the club is to expose students to community events and fundraisers thatwould be typical of a health care professional.

Some of the annual activities theclub participates in include Tiger Fest, the Semi-annual Blood Drives at thehigh school, faculty and public flu vaccine clinics, Presents for PatientsNursing home visits, and the Annual Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation's Penniesfor Patients Fund Drive each spring.

All students are invited to attend a meeting tosee what we do. Officers are elected annually and enjoy the responsibility ofrunning the club. Please join us if you are interested!