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Enhanced Security Implementation

Dear MASD Families:


McKeesport Area School District's top priority is the safety, security and well-being of all students and staff. Given the recently intensified concerns about school safety throughout the country, MASD administration, in conjunction with the McKeesport and White Oak Police Departments, community, first responders, teachers and students, has reviewed progressive ways to enhance the existing security of our buildings. Based on this review,  we are also implementing measures proven to better protect the safety of our students, staff and visitors.


Existing and updated safety measures:

  • Locked exterior single entry points
  • Metal detectors and check-in teams
  • Enhanced HD video surveillance cameras and alarms
  • Campus security personnel
  • Raptor Visitor Management System and identification badges
  • Superintendent-lead Safety Forums for students

New and future safety measures:

  • Locking devices for classroom doors
  • ALERTUS Notification System for all district laptops and desktops
  • Mobile Emergency Response Plan (MERP) app for mobile devices
  • New exterior doors where needed
  • Founders Hall lobby security platform
  • Elementary building metal detectors as part of new strategic entry plans
  • Cameras to capture license plate information
  • ALICE Institute certification and training for staff and students


In addition to these measures, MASD will conduct a LOCKDOWN DRILL for all school buildings during the morning of Tuesday, March 27thPlease make your child aware of the drill to avoid unnecessary panic on that day.


We understand your concerns and will continue to take progressive steps to insure the safety of students and staff.  Please contact Kristen James if you have any questions.  Thank you for your continued support.



The McKeesport Area School District Administrative Team