• Welcome to the McKeesport Area School District!

    The McKeesport Area School District is proud of its acclaimed accomplishments, strong tradition and loyal alumni. Since 1884, we have served the needs of our citizens and have graduated young men and women to become leaders in our community, state and nation. The district strives to provide a quality education to all of its students through forward-looking planning and a strong commitment to excellence.

    MASD serves the communities of Dravosburg, McKeesport, SouthVersailles, Versailles and White Oak. The total enrollment is approximately 3,500 students in grades Pre-K-12.

    The vision of the McKeesport Area School District is to create a learning environment which provides students an opportunity to maximize their potential and achieve success.

    We actively engage all students in a rigorous curriculum that: teaches the application of academic skills and concepts; nurtures individual interests and talents; inspires intellectual curiosity; develops integrity and personal responsibility; encourages a global perspective;promotes technology; embraces diversity; and prepares students to become citizens capable of improving the world in which they live.

    Through a partnership with the citizens of the district’s municipalities, board of school directors, local businesses and organizations and nearby higher education facilities, MASD provides a comprehensive, quality educational program that excels in meeting the needs of the district’s youth.