• Performance Plus

    Using state-of-the art software, teachers at McKeesport Area High School collect, analyze, and use data to guide instruction. Common Assessments are given in the core areas of Mathematics and English. Common Assessments in other areas are being developed.

    Standards-Based Curriculum

    Teachers at MAHS use a Standards-Based Curriculum that has been developed through the district and aligned with State and National Standards.

    Freshmen Academy

    Freshmen who enter are placed on teams. Groups of teachers monitor and intervene in attendance, behavior, and academics. This group effort helps allow freshmen to begin high school and put their best foot forward.

    Peer Tutoring

    This program helps students pair-up with other students in order to reinforce material from classes that may be challenging.

    TLC (Tiger Leadership Committee)

    This group works in conjunction with Student Council to promote school spirit, leadership, and promote a positive school culture


    MAPS is an acronym for My Action Plan for Success, and this is an initiative that we as a district and community have been working on for four years.  The philosophical cornerstones of MAPS is personalizing the educational experience, mapping and making the students central in their educational journeys, incorporating faculty and staff as student advisors, and integrating academic and non-academic domains.  Some initiatives that are on-going district wide are senior presentations, after-school academies, The Future Is Mine mentoring groups, school-to-work/college experiences, community services days, 8th to 9th grade orientation and curriculum events, and staff development.