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    First Name Last Name Title Telephone Number Email Address Building Department Room Number
    Holly Allen Teacher 412-664-3650 hallen@mckasd.net High School Mathematics 204
    Renee Amendola Counselor 412-664-3650 ramendola@mckasd.net High School Guidance
    Elizabeth Ashley Smith Teacher 412-664-3640 High School East End Academy
    Mark Bacco Teacher 412-664-3650 mbacco@mckasd.net High School Science 226
    Marcella Barry Associate Principal 412-664-3650 mbarry@mckasd.net High School Administration
    Matt Bauman Teacher 412-664-3650 Mbauman@mckasd.net High School Science 156
    Lt. Col. Scott Beegle Teacher 412-664-3650 sbeegle@mckasd.net High School Air Force R.O.T.C. 148
    Sharyn Bertoty Teacher 412-664-3650 sbertoty@mckasd.net High School Mathematics 200
    Dana Brown Assistant for Student Affairs 412-664-3680 Dbrown@mckasd.net High School Athletics
    Tim Brown School Environmental Coordinator 412-664-3650 tbrown@mckasd.net High School High School
    Lyndsay Brown Teacher 412-664-3650 lbrown@mckasd.net High School Career and Technology 162
    Kerri Bryer Teacher 412-664-3650 kbryer@mckasd.net High School English 124
    Stefanie Burgh Teacher 412-664-3650 sburgh@mckasd.net High School Physical Education/ Health GYM
    Bonnie Butler Teacher 412-664-3650 bbutler@mckasd.net High School English 125
    Carolyn Carreiro Docu Tech 412-664-3650 ccarreiro@mckasd.net High School Docu Tech Printing
    Walter Clawson Teacher 412-664-3650 wclawson@mckasd.net High School Career and Technology 546
    Marian Cronin Teacher 412-664-3650 mcronin@mckasd.net High School Special Education 114
    Kate Davis Teacher 412-664-3650 KateDavis@mckasd.net High School English 123
    Brandy Daye Teacher 412-664-3650 bdaye@mckasd.net High School Special Education 140
    John Debes Teacher 412-664-3650 jdebes@mckasd.net High School Social Studies 150
    Mark DeCarlo Teacher 412-664-3650 mdecarlo@mckasd.net High School Music 103
    SMSgt. Jason Defelice Teacher 412-664-3650 jdefelice@mckasd.net High School Air Force R.O.T.C. 148
    Beth Eger Teacher 412-664-3650 beger@mckasd.net High School Music 102
    Alexis Garland Teacher 412-664-3640 AGarland@mckasd.net High School East End Academy
    Sherri Geyer Guidance Counselor 412-664-3650 sgeyer@mckasd.net High School Guidance
    Patrick Gobbel Teacher 412-664-3640 PGobbel@mckasd.net High School East End Academy
    Erica Guadalupe Secondary Literacy Coach 412-664-3650 Eguadalupe@mckasd.net High School
    Shari Halfhill Teacher 412-664-3650 shalfhill@mckasd.net High School Social Studies
    John Harper Attendance Coordinator 412-664-8028 jharper@mckasd.net High School Attendance
    Robert Hartnett Teacher 412-664-3650 rhartnett@mckasd.net High School Mathematics 232
    Christopher Hayes Teacher 412-664-3650 chayes@mckasd.net High School Science 229
    Marla Hayes Teacher 412-664-3650 mhayes@mckasd.net High School Science 157
    Louis Hegedus Teacher 412-664-3650 lhegedus@mckasd.net High School Mathematics 203
    Jill Hershey Teacher 412-664-3650 jhershey@mckasd.net High School Business Education 164
    Edward Hrinda Teacher 412-664-3650 ehrinda@mckasd.net High School Social Studies 230
    Matthew Jadlowiec Teacher 412-664-3690 MJadlowiec@mckasd.net High School Science
    Sharon Kehlert Teacher 412-664-3650 skehlert@mckasd.net High School Mathematics 224
    Kathleen Kenny Teacher 412-664-3650 kkenny@mckasd.net High School Science 152
    Myleen Kiska Teacher 412-664-3650 mkiska@mckasd.net High School Mathematics 202
    Charley Kiss Athletic Director and Business Affairs 412-664-3680 ckiss@mckasd.net High School Athletics
    Monica Kitta Teacher 412-664-3650 mkitta@mckasd.net High School Career and Technology 556
    Martin Knight Teacher 412-664-3650 mknight@mckasd.net High School Special Education 111
    Jennifer Knight Teacher 412-664-3650 jknight@mckasd.net High School Special Education 208
    Vladamir Kovalchuk Teacher 412-664-3650 vkovalchuk@mckasd.net High School Science 160
    Brittney Krznaric Teacher 412-664-3650 bkrznaric@mckasd.net High School Career and Technology 119
    Timothy Kunes Teacher 412-664-3650 tkunes@mckasd.net High School Social Studies 149
    Michael Locke Teacher 412-664-3650 mlocke@mckasd.net High School Career and Technology 550
    Susan Lwandowski Teacher 412-664-3650 slewandowski@mckasd.net High School Science 228
    MIchelle Maglicco Secretary - East End Academy 412-664-3640 mmaglicco@mckasd.net High School East End Academy
    Nicole Mallory Guidance Counselor 412-664-3658 NMallory@mckasd.net High School Guidance