• Counselors are specialists in child growth and development who usually have a strong background in the behavioral sciences and human relations. They also possess a knowledge of school programs which includes the curriculum, the learning process and school organization. All student support service workers address important needs -- the school counselor focuses upon the preventive aspects of guidance. The school counselor is primarily concerned with the application of developmental principles in the school through counseling, consultation, and coordination.

    The goals of a counselor are:

    1. To help children understand themselves and others.
    2. To prevent problems from developing.
    3. To help identify children with special needs.
    4. To provide crisis intervention when necessary.
    5. To coordinate or facilitate efforts of others with those of parents, teachers,and administrators.
    6. To help develop personalized programs, when applicable, based on each child's strengths, weaknesses, and needs.
    7. To provide career education activities.