• Junior/Senior Prom

    The prom will now be open to both 11th and 12th grade students. Students with more than twenty (20) absences (excused, medical, or unexcused) AND/OR twenty (20) tardies (excused, medical or unexcused) from the first day of school will not be permitted to attend the junior/senior prom. Any absences or tardies in excess the numbers stated above MUST be accompanied with a medical excuse for consideration. Any student exhibiting a pattern of violating the code of conduct can also be excluded from participating in the prom at the discretion of the administration. ANY student involved in a physical altercation as well as ANY student who serves more than one instance of out of school suspension will not be permitted to attend the prom. No Exceptions. Students in the ninth grade academy, any freshman from another district, or any individual over the age of 21 are not permitted to attend the prom.