Flexible Instruction Day Information for Twin Rivers Elementary School

  • In the event of a school closure, the school hours will be:

    9:30am – 11:30pm                Reading/Math

    11:30pm-12:00 pm               Science/Social Studies

    12:00pm – 12:30pm             LUNCH

    12:30pm- 2:30 pm                Math/Reading

    2:30pm- 3:15pm                   Specials Video Upload


    The following is an outline what you need to do as a parent to ready your child for a school closure.


    1. Go to google.com. (OR if using an ipad, click on the app.)
    2. In the upper right hand corner, click sign in.
    3. The student’s email address is lastname@mckasd.org
    4. Their password is _____________________________________.
    5. Again in the right hand corner, there is a series of 9 dots (referred to as the waffle).
    6. Click on the waffle and choose Classroom.
    7. Your child should already have joined their teachers’ Classroom, but if they are not, you can click the plus sign at the top right and enter the following code: _____________________________________________________.
    8. Once in the Classroom, the students can see announcements and classwork.
    9. Check out the Materials tab for possible additional resources.