• Media outlets requesting comments, photographs, or interviews should contact the Administration Main Office, at 412-664-3600, or by email at communications@mckasd.net.
    We ask that all media outlets follow this protocol before arriving on school property.  In order to respect the safety and privacy of our students, staff and families, we ask that no media personnel be present on school property without the approval from the public relations office. No interviews will be granted without following the proper protocol. When visiting any of our facilities, media are asked to sign in to our Raptor visitor system and acquire a visitor badge by scanning a valid photo ID.

    During any major crisis in our schools, a media center will be set up and media will be instructed on the location of this center by notification through our website, www.mckasd.net.

    Document requests must follow the protocol for the Right-to-Know Requests through our officer, Mr. Joseph Villella at 412-664-3600.