MASD Athletic Training Services




    The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) requires that any student-athlete who wishes to participate in interscholastic athletics sponsored by a member school must have a Comprehensive Initial Pre-Participation Evaluation (CIPPE) prior to practicing or competing in that sport.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The CIPPE can not be dated earlier than May 1st.



    If a student-athlete intends on participating in more than one sport in a school year, the consent forms for those particular sports are located in SECTION 2 of the CIPPE and must be completed when the initial physical is performed.



    If a physical examination form is on file in the athletic office due to participation in a fall sport, SECTION 8 must be completed no earlier than 6 weeks prior to the first official practice date for Winter or Spring sports.

    If any questions in the supplemental health history portion of SECTION 8 are circled or answered "yes", the student-athlete must have SECTION 9 or an official medical clearance signed and completed by a licensed physician of medicine or osteopathic medicine.